Zachy These Days

Our sweet Zachary has grown so much and I just wanted to do a little update!

As you know, Zachary has ADHD and OCD. 

He's struggled immensely in the past, especially kindergarten and first grade before he was diagnosed. 

Since he was diagnosed, he has made huge progress. HUGE. 

I used to have to pick him up from school for unsafe behavior multiple times a week. 
Now, I get rave reviews from his teacher and other school staff. 

Now, it's strange if he doesn't have a good day. 

Now, everyone gets to see past his struggles and see the true sweetheart that he is. 

We got an amazing letter this week...

He was offered a spot at a self-contained gifted and talented class. 

Two years ago, he would not have been able to handle something like this. 

But now!! He's doing so amazing. 

He scored incredibly high on every single state test they did this year, he's so loving and inclusive, he loves everyone and has an amazing thirst for knowledge. 

What a blessed mom I am. I am so lucky to have him.

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