Baby Registry

There is so much to think about when it comes to a Baby Registry.

It can be so overwhelming trying to weed through all of the Pinterest posts and find what is actually necessary. 

So, after twelve years and six babies, I present my personal list of necessities for a registry! 

B R E A S T  P U M P

If you are breastfeeding, you definitely need a pump to help store milk. Medela is the way to go! I have used a Medela with each of my kids. Luckily, insurance usually covers these!
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Whether pumping or using formula, Drop In Bottles were my favorites with the kids. You can squeeze the extra air out, thanks to the pliable plastic drop in liners. 

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I also really loved glass bottles, only downside is trying to make sure they don't get thrown at an older age. But they are BPA free!

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 N U R S I N G  P A D S

If you're nursing, you'll definitely need breast pads to absorb any leakage. I found the Lansinoh brand to be comfortable and inexpensive. 

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You can also get these washable breast pads! I don't have any experience with these, but I have friends that swear by them!

Washable Breast Pads

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Diapers are a no brainer! But there are so many kinds. Personally, I love the Honest Co diapers and Pampers Swaddlers sensitive. 

I used the Swaddlers from birth, as they seemed softer and more comfortable for baby's skin. 

The Honest Co diapers are eco friendly, which is amazing, but I tend to use them once baby was a month or so old.

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Again, a no brainer. But I really like the Honest Co wipes for brand new babies.

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C A R  S E A T 

The Britax b safe was my favorite infant carrier out of all of them. Cost effective, great ratings, easy to carry; the whole package!

I wouldn't spend a huge amount on an infant carrier. They only last one year at most. Finding great ratings is the most important.

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I would also get a convertible car seat. We have Diono Radian RXTs. 
They have EXCELLENT ratings and you can use them from infancy up. 

I didn't use this seat until my babies were a few months old, because I had small babies that didn't fit the guidelines.

But once they did, this seat is my favorite. I usually put my babies straight into a sling or baby wrap so I wouldn't have to lug an infant carrier around. 

Best part is, that in addition to amazing ratings, these seats last forever. You can use them for boosters as well!
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O N E S I E S  
with mitten cuffs

This is the only kind of onesie I would buy for a newborn. They scratch themselves so much! Mitten cuffs are 100% necessary. Scratch mittens alone don't stay on well and end up getting lost. 

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The most frustrating thing about baby showers and registries is that people will see cute baby clothes and just buy whatever. You will likely get a ton of clothes that you didn't register for. 

However, I'm still putting this here. 

One piece sleepers are all you need for the first few months. 

I know, I know. Those adorable tiny outfits are the most tempting things to buy ever! But you will hardly use them. You need to invest in good quality one piece sleepers. Simplify your life and make sure your babe is comfortable!

I personally love the organic one pieces from Gap, the simple sleepers from Carter's, and Old Navy has some cute ones too. 

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D I A P E R  B A G

This is another instance of overwhelming cuteness when it comes to baby things! There are so many cute diaper bags out there. 

Two things I think you should keep in mind while looking for a diaper bag:
1. Hands free. 
2. Easily accessible.

So many diaper bags are like bottomless pits where binkies and the like are never seen again.
Find one that's deep enough to hold your stuff, while being shallow enough to see in.

This one pictured is my absolute favorite.
The Fawn Design bags aren't the cheapest bag out there but let me tell you the reason it's on this list. 

While also meeting my two main criteria of being hands free and easily accessible, it is also great quality, versatile, and is so classically stylish that you won't stop wearing it. 

I don't even carry a diaper bag anymore and I still use it daily as my carry everything bag. 

If all of this isn't a big deal to you, there are a lot of other great hands free diapers bags. 
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The Aden & Anais Swaddles are light weight and large, perfect for that burrito baby swaddle style. 
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 A fancy crib is really not necessary. Babies don't cause much wear and tear on a crib until they are toddlers, so this is not an area where quality is super important. 

This Ikea crib is less than $100, stylish, and cute!

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B A B Y  B A T H 

This Puj tub saved my back so much bending over the bathtub!

Its light weight, easy to store, and so perfect for new babies.

This is one of those items you DEFINITELY have to get. 

Skip the giant plastic apparatus.

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B A B Y  T O I L E T R I E S

This gift set is an awesome registry item. You get to try all of the products and it's super cute!

I love Honest Co bath products, our toddlers still use them!

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G E N T L E  D E T E R G E N T

Honestly, this isn't 100% necessary.


If your baby has really sensitive skin and you love the new baby smell, this is your detergent!

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This makes nursing much more comfortable when you're still trying to get the hang of things!

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N U R S I N G  B R A S

This may not be a registry item but it would be something you need to grab on your Target run. 

I always go for comfort over looks and these bras are cheap and comfortable!

I included the bras I preferred for sleep and the day bra!

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Not 100% necessary, but it is really good to have somewhere to put the baby that soothes them so you can take a shower. 

You definitely don't need a $400 swing. 

Get a small cheap one that does the job!

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Not everyone uses these, but my kids all loved them. These were our favorites!

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N A S A L   A S P I R A T O R

I wish these existed when my big kids were born!

That damn blue bulb they give you at the hospital is total crap. 

These are amazing!!!

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S T R O L L E R 

If you plan on having at least two kids, this is the stroller to get!

You can use without the bottom seat for the first kiddo, and just put it on when your second comes along. 

Great quality (had ours since Brody was little) and so easy to maneuver. 
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You will love all the options available these days! Baby wearing is not only awesome for mom to keep her hands free, but it is so good for baby!

Here are my two favorites!

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B A B Y  M O N I T O R

This item is necessary if you have anxiety, as I do. 

It monitors the baby's heart rate and breathing, sets an alarm off if anything isn't right, and you can view everything from your smart phone. 

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