Real Love

When I think back over the years, 
it's astounding to me how much has changed. 

From a broken, young, divorced mom of four. 
To a loving spouse and six amazing kiddos.

A friend said to me the other day that my life seems so clean and easy, that'd you'd never know there is a shitload of dishes or that me and my husband fight, or that anything was other than beautiful.

Haha...yeah, no.

I strive to be candid about life. All parts of life, the pretty stuff, the ugly stuff.

All of it. 

I wanted to touch on my marriage today.

Sure, I post about how awesome my hubby is - and he is. 
But there are times when he isn't awesome, there are times when I'm not awesome. There are time we both really really suck. 

I've touched on what I like to call my "previous life" before. 

It's strange to think back and remember how unhappy I was, and how I lonely I felt. 

And the difference now is Ry and I always fix it, we talk it out, we validate, we compromise. No matter what. 

It's still a surprise, even after all my time with Ry, how he does sweet things for me. He always plans a big Mother's Day, he goes to great lengths to make sure I feel appreciated, and he is always working on us and our relationship. 

Not that it's easy all the time. 

Lol @ Monica 

We have our fights, we have bickerments, we're two very strong personalities living under the same roof. 

But we are always trying hard because we love and care for each other. 

To have someone love you so completely is an amazing thing. 

Never settle. 

Don't aim for a perfect love, aim for a real love, that loves you back, that cherishes you.

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