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Divorced Holidays

Divorced Holidays

Holiday season can be rough when you're sharing kiddos. 


As you all know, my four oldest children are from my first marriage. We alternate holidays every year, so some years I have the kids at home on Christmas Day, and on others I don't. 

This year, they are at their Dad's in Montana. 

I get a lot of questions on how I handle the holidays without them. I do get a little bummed for sure, but it's been so long that we've been doing it this way that it is minimal sadness. We place much less importance on the specific date of Christmas and just pick our own Christmas date.

We had an early Christmas with my in laws this year and we'll have another, later, Christmas with my parents after the big kids get back.

It actually prolongs the Christmas season for us and it's kind of fun! 

I'm not saying it's always easy to not have your kids around during the special times, but it's just another mindset adjustment that comes with co-parenting. 

If you're going through divorce right now, or if you're in the early stages of holiday sharing, just know that it gets easier.



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