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Our Favorite Books

Our Favorite Books

I am a lover of reading, always have been, though I don't have as much time to partake these days. 

I have always hoped that my kids would be readers. I remember the excitement of being a kid and stepping into a new world just by picking up a book. It helped diversify my vocabulary, helped broaden my views, and educated me about so many things.

I used to scour Amazon and Barnes & Noble, reading reviews and trying to figure how to heck to tell if my kids would like these books. So I've put together a list of the kids' favorite books, hopefully it'll help you in your search! 

Also, take a look at my Pinterest board, (located HERE) for our favorites and links to find them!

Brody, 12

Brody didn't become an avid reader until he found a series he loved - which was the Percy Jackson series. I cannot tell you how excited I was when he started reading for pleasure instead of his daily 30 minutes. Now his teachers tell me they have to make him put his book away during class, not even mad about it! So if your kiddo isn't a fan of reading, maybe they just haven't found their hook yet. His current favorites are Heroes of Olympus and the Treasure Hunters.


Zachary, 10

Zachary is a huge reader, always has been! I love how he flies through his books and can't wait to get to the next one. He reminds me so much of me in that respect. His nose is literally always in a book, and he always has at least three in his bag. Another mom from the kids' school told me she sees him walking in the halls, not even looking up from what he's reading, and on our walks to school, he can somehow read, walk, and not even trip. His current favorites are The Unwanteds, Warrior Cats, and The Series of Unfortunate Events. 


Wyatt, 8

Wyatt is a little bit different in this regard. He is delayed and still very much behind grade level. He just started reading fluently last year, so his books are lower in level than most 8 year olds. Wyatt is loving reading now though! He reads to Roman every single day, and I must say, it's some of the cutest shit I've ever seen. A few of his favorites are Pokemon and Skylanders Guides, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and The Berenstein Bears. 


Maddie, 7

Last year, when Maddie realized how much she could read, she started asking for more "girl books". Which is when I realized, we didn't have many of those! We had several story books, but way above her grade level and definitely more for me to read to her. So I started buying books for her to read, focusing on stories of strong women and girls, as well as the princess stories Maddie loves. A few of her faves are The Seven Princesses, You Belong Here, and I Wrote You a Note.


Roman, 4

Romy isn't quite reading yet, though he is doing pretty good at sounding out words and he has a bunch of sight words memorized. He is really hilarious, he'll carry books around and pretend to read them, making up his own stories as he's "reading" to us. We do love reading with him and he loves simple books he can follow along with. A few of his favorites are The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Triangle, and I Want My Hat Back.


Lincoln, 3

Linc is just at the point of recognizing letters and letter sounds, along with a few sight words. He loves when I read to him, and he loves identifying letters as we do so. A few of his favorites are Triangle, Feminist Baby, and Dragons Love Tacos.

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