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Bianca & The Hurricane

Bianca & The Hurricane

If you follow me on instagram and facebook, you would have seen posts about my friend Bianca, who has lost everything to Tropical Storm Harvey. Here's a little back story...



Bianca Ramsey is a photographer in Port Arthur, Texas. (Her site: CLICK HERE) She has three amazing kids; Milo, Mia, and Melanie. 

With Hurricane Harvey looming, their town was told the effects would be minimal. They prepared for the expected storm, stocking up on food, buying sandbags, etc. 


This changed in the blink of an eye. 

It started with rain, as it does, but it was not enough to fill their ditches or flood their streets, so there was still no panic. But the storm took a turn for the worst and in less than 24 hours, they had knee deep water in their house.


At 3AM on August 30th, they were evacuated by boat.

Can you imagine how scary that must have been? Going into a small boat, in pitch darkness, with three children (one of whom is only 10 months old)? I can't even imagine.

They were taken to a nearby fire station, which was also flooded ankle deep. They stayed on the beds to stay dry. All night long. Sometime after day break, they were evacuated by boat once again. They were taken to the side of a highway to wait for a dump truck to transfer them to another shelter location, which is where Bianca's sister-in-law would pick them up and take them to her house.


Their house is a total loss. It is underwater. As are their cars, the new school supplies, the crib, their beds, their home. 

I am hoping to raise funds for them to help - Bianca and her husband both cannot work during this time. They will be displaced for who knows how long. They are devastated. 

If you are wanting to donate to those in need, I implore you to consider this family. 

Here is the link to donate, even if it's just $5, anything helps: RAMSEY FAMILY HELP

 Bianca, far right, at my wedding.

Bianca, far right, at my wedding.

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