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Zachary Turns 10!

Zachary Turns 10!

10 years old. 

I really can't believe he's 10.

This is the first year we haven't been together on his birthday. It's hard, but I know he's having fun. I sent a box for him to his dad's house. A party in a box. I included silly string, a birthday button, party hats, and a few presents. I can't wait until he's back home and we can celebrate again!

Zachary had a rough start to life, and I am in awe of the amazing boy he is today.

He's brilliant, stylish, adorable, sweet, and sincere. I am so lucky I get to be his mom!


And here is his birth story, as I do every year!

Z A C H A R Y 'S  B I R T H  S T O R Y 


Zachary's pregnancy was a tough one. 

At 12 weeks 5 days, I had a severe placental abruption, to the point where the doctor was preparing me to miscarry. 

I was up in the ER all night long as they ran test after test, did ultrasounds, waited for the radiolologist's diagnosis, and worried. 

I saw my little boy's heart beating on that ultrasound screen and trying to face the possibility that he may not survive was more than I could handle. 

At the end of the longest night, the doctor came in and told me he would survive - if I started complete bedrest immediately. I was not allowed to move farther than the bathroom for an indefinite period of time. 


My doctor came to my house to perform my check ups. 


I was in and out of the hospital with hyperemesis gravidarum every week. I only gained 9 pounds total. It was very unhealthy and terrifying. 


I was allowed up on several occasions - to visit a specialist in a town a couple hours away and for small breaks when the placenta was holding firm. 


The doctor was sure I wouldn't make it past 28 weeks. But 29 weeks came and went and suddenly I was weeks overdue. 


My last check up was uneventful, Zachary looked good, although small gestationally. 


At nearly 43 weeks, my doctor stripped my membranes to see if Zach was ready to make his appearance earthside. 


That night, around midnight, I felt a hard and intense contraction. I'm not sure what made me go to the hospital so quickly, but I'm glad I did. 


I arrived and the nurses were skeptical of my pain. 


They placed me in a trauma room for observation until they could check me. 


Minutes later, I knew he was coming. 


I screamed for the nurses and they came running. Zachary was born within minutes. 


My body was in shock from the quick delivery, as was Zachary's. He was briefly taken to the NICU after a low APGAR score, but returned quickly. 


My sweet Zachary Robert, weighing 6lbs 7 oz, 18" long. He spent the first six months of his life he spent looking like the cutest little old man. He is now the amazing nine year old I see before me. 


Two year old Brody, 18 year old Ashley, and newborn Zachary!

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