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Skin Care Faves

Skin Care Faves

You all know I've struggled with skin issues the last couple years. I've tried so many different things: essential oils, prescriptions, lotions, laser treatments, etc. When your skin is beyond "drink more water and eat more vegetables" you need more options. 

African Black Soap I cannot speak highly enough about this soap. Its organic and all natural, and has worked wonders for my skin. It is very drying, but not in a "I-can't-move-my-face" type of way. Just a little tight feeling for the first couple weeks until you acclimate. This has cut down the active breakouts tremendously. 

It comes in a giant chunk and is very soft. To make it last, and for ease of use, I cut off a small piece to use daily and replenish as needed. It does dissolve rather quickly if you leave it in water. I learned that when I left it in a small dish in the shower - some water got in the dish and dissolved it completely. 

Mario Badescu Facial Spray This stuff feels awesome. It has multiple uses - hydration, making your face look dewy with or without make up on, and as a setting spray. Hydrating and light, its amazing to spray instead of rubbing moisturizer in. Just a few spritz and done! 

I really like the light smell of this, it's not too overpowering for someone like me who is sensitive to strong smells. 

Thayers Witch Hazel With aloe vera and rose petal, this stuff smells great and also feels really nice on the face. It also helps with redness, which is a problem for me. 


I started this regimen about four weeks ago and my skin has changed dramatically in that time. If you're struggling with breakouts, I highly suggest trying this! 

Newborn Photo Sessions

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